The path he paved!

She was vivacious, he was calm.. She believed in words, he admired actions.. She had everything, infact all of him.. Yet ungratified she was, loved and lost in her hopeless dreams.. Where to go, unsure she was.. He paved her path to his soulful world, and that was a beautiful pause.. © Nidhi Joshi – … More The path he paved!

Anniversary of Love

    It’s been an year, I had first hold your hand.. It’s been an year we started our story in a dream land.. We didn’t exchanges just had our hearts, soul and all other little things.. Fights, distance are just temporary, the beats of the hear, the bond will be always permanent! © … More Anniversary of Love

Ribbons n’ Roses..

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Ribbons n’ Roses, A feeling of Love and Bliss, Air filled with Aroma of Purity, I wish Myself, A very Happy Valentine’s Day! The Day where Love is Celebrated, The Time when words are said from Heart, I would like to confess to myself, I Love You The Most, No…