Road I chose

I was bleeding heavily and crossing the wavy ocean before I touched the land.Swampy was it and so things looked out of my hand. I dragged myself out of the boat and stood shakily on the beach.My eyes started searching the way  to escape the shore, there were high tides and they were about to … More Road I chose

Where are we heading?

I sometimes wonder where are we heading? We are in a new decade the energy and enthusiasm must be on a high, but with all the negativity all around it leaves a deep impression that the future looks bleak. Right from US-Iran turmoil, to widespread Indian protests, to global economic tensions, to everyday worsening climate … More Where are we heading?

Spy Next Door

With no acquaintances he started living around.. He wore a long trench coat with a muffler hugging his neck..Rolling his eyes around and kept shuffling his cards deck..His suspicious eyes kept looking every nook and corner. Was he a detective, was he a thug; his dubious looks can’t deny. He kept fouling curses on me … More Spy Next Door