Which Said It All..

Originally posted on Talk Exchange..!:
I wrote a song, About all that I have been through, It said it all, My actions and my flaws.   First stood my Anger, The darkest spot on me, It not just pulled me down, But also broke my beloved’s Heart, is what I realized.   Then came Trust…

Hope is the key!

No matter you are down an out,  Give it a go and shout it loud, It’s never the END, it just a pause, You have to fight, no matter what cause, Spirit is the key, you can’t win without, Don’t ever lose hope, It will all work out! © Sajal Gupta – 21.12.2018 PS : … More Hope is the key!

Long lost love!

Dwelling on the past, It brings only mist in her eyes.. Eyes that still search him…Heart that still beats for him. Soul that still awaits for him.. For she has never known a light so dim. © Nidhi Joshi – 29.11.2018 Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com