Ye Junoon na kamm hone dena!

Ek junoon sa hai seene mai, ise khatm na hone dena..
Jo baat tune thaani hai, us aag ko bhasm na hone dena..
Jo josh bhara hai khoon mai, use kamm na hone dena..
Mai rahu yaa na rahu, teri aankhe namm na hone dena..
Paana hai us manzil ko, bas tu hausle kamm na hone dena..
ยฉSajal Gupta โ€“ 08.02.2019

PS – I wrote this poem with teary eyes and a saddened hear, thinking about our soldiers who are fighting and dying just to keep civilians like us safe and sound, keeping their spirits high on battle field each day. It hard to see such passion in any other profession. And all other freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Chandrasekhar Azad

#JaiHind #PulwamaAttack #CRPF #IndianArmy #VandeMataram #BhagatSingh

administration army banner border
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44 thoughts on “Ye Junoon na kamm hone dena!

  1. Sir, I like your English sub note to the poem. But I can’t understand the poem as I don’t know hindi. I’m a Keralite. Can you please give a small description about your theme in English so that non-hindi speaking Indian bloggers could get that intense sense of nationality in your work

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