Winner – No Words Wednesday – Challenge #7

This week the challenge  No Words Wednesday – Challenge #7 was to post photo of Flowers with a viewpoint that some pictures needs no description as it should speaks on its own and the viewer can get Indulge in that picture and weave their own imaginations. I feel very ecstatic to see the excellent response received, with lots … More Winner – No Words Wednesday – Challenge #7

Anniversary of Love

    It’s been an year, I had first hold your hand.. It’s been an year we started our story in a dream land.. We didn’t exchanges just had our hearts, soul and all other little things.. Fights, distance are just temporary, the beats of the hear, the bond will be always permanent! © … More Anniversary of Love


Originally posted on Talk Exchange..!:
Soldiers.. They forget the difference between day and night.. They forget their families and their friends.. They don’t celebrate like we do.. They don’t sleep like we do.. They are the reason behind our peaceful sleeps and our joyful moments.. They sacrifice their everything for us.. They don’t care about…