Walk Towards The Dawn..

From Dusk to Dawn, the spirits never dies!
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I started my journey a long time ago,

All alone, taking my shadow along.

My walk began at dusk,

And ended up with someone at dawn.

I had a hand to hold,

He had a heart of gold,

I counted on His shoulder,

For shedding all my tears.

An annyamos face it was,

Had never seen Him before,

But still He had,

A special place in my heart.

At dusk, my walk came to an end,

A success as it was,

I turned back for Him,

And He was no where to be seen.

My eyes desperate for His sight,

My fingers waiting for His touch,

Stood in complete awe I wondered,

Was He even there or not.

Wanting for him to return,

I knelt to the ground and waited,

And all of a sudden,

A paper on the ground caught my sight.

“Don’t wait, for I am not going…

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