Balloon Smiles..

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A bright sunny morning it was,
Birds singing and Trees dancing,
Yet sad and low I felt,
Dependant on someone for my happiness as I was.

Nothing seemed nice to me,
Not even the mild breeze,
Though everything was perfect to smile,
I waited for someone to make me smile.

Suddenly from nowhere,
A balloon came flying,
Irritated by it hitting me,
I held it between my two hands.

A cute Smiley was printed on it,
It smiled back at me though I did not,
It made me think that,
It had no reason to smile,
Yet it smiled from within.

I had millions of reasons to smile,
Yet I chose to remain sad,
The Balloon taught me to,
Be Happy, No Matter What!

Then I realized,
How weird this was,
A non-living thing taught me,
To take charge of my happiness.

Dependant on someone for happiness,
Is something all…

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