No Words Wednesday – Challenge #2

I throw this challenge to my fellow Bloggers, Post a picture of a public transport (preferably unedited) without any caption/words/poem and let the picture speaks on its own and so readers can imagine their own interesting story of that running transport.

You can share the link of your post in comments sections and let us decide a winner on Sunday 13.Jan.2019.  

#NoWordsWednesday #Game

Links for Glimpses of Challenge #1

<Share this challenge to your friends too and let the Game begin>dsc_6481124922306.jpgPC – Sajal Gupta 

Location – Tamhini Ghat, Pune, INDIA

39 thoughts on “No Words Wednesday – Challenge #2

  1. Hey sujal, good to see a new challenge…its really a fun to share pictures on different subjects….not taking part as a competitor but just got a reason to look back old pics and share with u guys !! Have a good day 👍
    Here is the link of my pic

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