Singapore – Gardens by the Bay : Travelogue


The moment you enter Singapore, you are already in an awe about the man made creations which are not only just beautiful but can take your breath away. Be it the high rise skyline or the Sentosa Island this minuscule country doesn’t stop to amaze you. 


Just crossing the towering triplets of Marina Bay Sands, you enter the mesmerizing man made nature park on a reclaimed land

A land surrounded by artificial Grove trees with ample of natural greenery. The walk through the garden is once in a lifetime experience giving such a peace away from the concrete jungle.


Must visit spots inside the Garden – 

  • Flower Dome

  • Cloud Forest

  • Supertree Grove

Supertrees have a elevated walkway and it must do thing in the Gardens called as OCBC Skyway, a lift takes you to the skyway and the views from while walking on the skyway is breathtaking. Attaching some pictures taken of Marina Bay Sands while walking.

It’s cloud forest has the highest made made Waterfall.

Some piece of advises:

One must go in the evening around 4 PM and take a walk and then must enthrall for the beautiful evening light&sound show. While I could write endless on this. But the best way is to treat your eyes and get equally amazed.

It is really amazing if one must carry a camera/phone which takes great photos in night/low light.


PS – Gardens by the Bay is part of the Singapore’s plans to transform its “Garden City” image to a “City in a Garden”.

Photo Credit and article copyright – © Sajal Gupta – 30.11.2018

architecture asia bay bridge
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    Simply , I agree with your statement , ” these are not only just beautiful but can take your breath away.”
    Especially that , night views 👌👌👌👌
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